Urban Planning / Landscape Design - Park Masterplan
180 ha
Aarhus, DK
Aarhus Kommune
Geoffrey Eberle, Magdalena Mróz, Asal Mohtashami

‘Aarhus Park’ is a vision plan that takes into account the needs of Aarhusians for an inclusive, democratic and accessible Kongelunden Park Aarhus. The loop path connects the area’s current and new activities and attractions with each other and contributes with a new story about Aarhus. The project works actively with all benchmarks to create a holistic vision for the future of Kongelunden.

To connect the different zones in Kongelunden Park Aarhus, the project focuses on transforming the existing traffic routes and adapting them to soft road users (cyclists, pedestrians, etc.). The purpose is to limit private car traffic, promote public transport and more ‘muscle power’. The lost parking spaces in Kongelunden will be replaced with parking options close to the various entrances.

The vision plan proposes a loop connection that goes through all zones and not only connects all current residences and activity opportunities, but also opens new ones. The purpose is to invite all Aarhusians and tourists to discover Kongelunden as a nature place close to the city. Development takes place with a focus on creating one overall destination in Aarhus and promoting modern frameworks for events within sports, culture and business.

Kongelunden’s diversity and different identities are an essential part of the vision plan. The loop connects them and opens the area to everyone who wants to discover / experience Kongelunden’s versatile activities and environments. The sports communities will then be more visible to transient and create curiosity about sports and places like Forstbotanisk Have (botanical garden) provide opportunities for tranquility, contemplation, reflection and knowledge.

Kongelunden’s green and blue nature areas are rich in biodiversity and are popular destinations for Aarhusians and tourists. The loop provides the opportunity to participate in diverse nature experiences, where the focus is on increasing the enjoyment of nature. Another part of the vision plan is to promote biodiversity in other places of the facility, such as the Jutland racetrack, where the wild gardens will be home to flowers, bees and other insect species.

The purpose of the initiative is to strengthen the existing communities as well as provide space for the new ones and promote active citizenship. Everyone can be part of the new story of Kongelunden: local actors such as ‘Citizens for Urban Nature’, residents or the various sports associations become an active part of Kongelunden’s DNA. Thus, Kongelunden becomes a center for quality of life, movement and large and small communities.