Entropic is committed towards re-imaging the built environment, in urbanism and architecture with a focus towards livability, contemporary challenges, and architectural innovation. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of Architects, Urbanists and Engineers. Our Barcelona Studio works with both the local and global market, with experience largely in North Europe, South Europe, and the Middle East as we believe that engaging in the urban challenges of one city, can help inspire new solutions for others.

Our passion is in an analytical approach, deconstructing a projects inherent challenges, down to first principles, leading through a process of deduction to often unintuitive, yet always resolute answers. Our search is for the hidden, the opportunity, the seemingly insurmountable challenges, and the projects ultimate vision.

Entropy is the act of transformation, a dissipation of energy, from a state of order to one of statistical disorder. Entropy is the story of both the micro interactions of atomic particles to the macro evolution of the galaxies as we know them today. It is to Entropy that we owe, the awe-inspiring complexity of the universe today. The 20th century urban paradigm was that of creating over simplicity, creating static and soulless cities, instead, Entropic embraces the joyful chaos of urban life and human expression. Our utopian vision is that of cities and buildings, which drive ever more complex cultural interactions, the unexpected social exchanges from communities to individuals and the nature-based realignment to the rewilding of our human environment. We believe that the city should not shape society, but society should shape the city. We are about life, architectural celebration and the core values which make our society meaningful. We are optimists, innovators, and designers. We are futurists, utopians and dreamers. We are Entropic.