Road Bridge including pedestrians and cyclists
80m long
Ängelholm, SE
Ängelholms Kommune
Entropic: Geoffrey Eberle, Magdalena Mróz
Degree of Freedom: Gaute Mo, Fernando Ibáñez, Diego Velayos
Engineers: Degree of Freedom,
Renders: Playtime

Entropic has won the competition for a new road bridge in Ängelholm, Sweden. Himlavalvet, translating to the Swedish phrase ”heavens Vault”, the bridge will allow people to climb a structural staircase and connect with the sky above to be one with the surrounding natural environment.

Today, cities and towns are shifting towards providing greater diversity in how we can interact with the city, to encourage people to be active and outdoors. Himlavalvet will combine a recreational viewing point with Ängelholms infrastructural needs. People will be able to climb the new bridge and enjoy views over the landscape, a space to play, meet and relax! The bridge will become not only a vital new connection for Ängelholm, but also an exciting new destination attracting locals and tourists alike. In August spectators will cheer standing on the bridge’s arch as the boat parade passes through the river!

The singular primary structural arch, provides the least visual complexity whilst functioning as a clear iconic gesture and nostalgic reference to the old railway bridge Pyttebron. The bridge´s Corten structure and wooden pedestrian flooring are a direct reference to today’s much-loved bridge, celebrating the old whilst proposing a new and exciting future for Ängelholm. The structural expression is expressed and celebrated and combined with the walkable structure gives the project a unique human scale, vital for such a critical urban node. The bridge creates the maximum opening available underneath the bridge to give greater views and minimize its presence in the natural surroundings.

At night the lighting will illuminate only the structure, avoiding the water so as not to disturb the local wildlife. Light will be used strategically, lighting the main arch, from beneath creating a soft gradient with height whilst shaper and smaller lights will express the tension cables. Finally, thin strip lighting will softly illuminate the pedestrian handrails for safety and comfort at night. Each lighting system is carefully chosen to complement one another, celebrating the bridge’s unique identity.