Public Plaza
2000 m2
The Hague, NL
Den Haag Gemeente
Geoffrey Eberle, Thomas Krall, Kevin Westerveld, Kim Christensen
BOLD, IPV, Egbert Schuttert, Perron14, PxK

The proposal for the sculpture puts Hobbemaplein on the map, not just with a contemporary artwork on the plaza, but also by simply framing and defining the public space itself, the existing monuments and the impressive vegetation. The 8-shape of the sculpture stands for unity and infinity. Hobbemaplein acts as a connector and meeting point between different neighbourhoods, different cultures and different age groups. Its framing character bring the feeling of tranquillity, safety and seclusion from the busy Hague Market and traffic. It acts as an important node where citizens can peacefully take a break.

The red ribbon is complemented by the different elements and activities. On the Hobbemaplein one can park a bicycle, swing for a break from reading in the library with fries from the Hague Market and at the end of the day enjoy the beautifully lit sculpture! The lighting is integrated in the sculpture itself and provides additional level of safety in the area in the evenings and night-time. The light is designed so it brings the right amount of exposure, but at the same time doesn’t disturb the residents living around the plaza.

The 8-shape also naturally creates two zones within the public space. The first zone, towards the Hague Market is more urban and playful, once the second zone celebrates the existing greenery and monument of the past.

The sculpture is demountable and lightly dimensioned, making it movable in case of a large-scale redesign of the traffic in the future.