Storm Flood Protection
72.000 m2
Vejle, DK
Vejle Kommune
Geoffrey Eberle, Magdalena Mróz, Asal Mohtashami, Bartosz Kobylakiewicz

The Floating Gardens is a storm surge protective infrastructural response in Vejle, Denmark that safeguards the city from rising sea levels, whilst providing a series of public gardens activating the city’s waterfront. The rising seawater level challenges Vejle’s existing harbour edges. By 2100 storms that could raise sea levels to elevations of up to 2.5 m will disable the entire port ar-ea and parts of downtown with flooding. Atelier Entropic’s vision proposes the landscaping solu-tion made of inland and floating islands designed to secure the coast to an elevation of 3m. Since the project is completely conceived to be floating, the water edge condition, ideal for jumping in and out of the water, is maintained consistently, regardless of sea-level height.

The Floating gardens reimagines a sterile industrial port as a new bio-habitat, paving the way for a new mixed-use development in the area. Every island is considered with unique bio-habitat qualities, to maximize ecological diversity, whilst creating a dynamic pedestrian experience. Var-ious islands are activated with strategic program, to target a range of core demographics such as playgrounds for families, cafes for younger groups, and relaxing zones for the elderly. The wa-ter, the green and the built become united creating new exciting opportunities for people to reimagine the relationship with nature and the sea.

The project can be re-configured, adapted and even re-located in response to changing condi-tions! With the modular approach, both public and private investment for different islands are possible, opening up new opportunities for urban development. A uniquely new system, to create exciting opportunity and joy for the city of Vejle.